What You Can Do

You can help build tomorrow’s homes.

What You Can Do

Invest in Our Future and Get a Return on Your Investment

The need for workforce housing in Maine is urgent, as the state is losing more workers than it is gaining residents. This trend is compounded by Maine’s aging demographic, with nearly 30% of the population over 60. Maine requires 5,000 new workers yearly to maintain economic growth and offset retirements, yet a lack of housing is the primary limiting factor for this growth. 

In Penobscot County’s Bangor LMA alone, 300 additional workforce housing units are needed yearly to maintain the current economy. The fund aims to develop a pipeline to create 300 new housing units annually for the next five years.

Investing in the Penobscot Housing Fund is a critical step towards addressing this need and securing the region’s economic future. Penobscot Housing Fund is calling on businesses, institutions, philanthropic organizations, and individuals who care about the sustainability of Penobscot County’s economy to invest their time, money, and energy to make a positive impact on the community while receiving a return on their investment.